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Ningbo Gometal Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is famous China Wheel Display Stand Manufacturers and Wheel Display rack factory. We also manufacture type of wheel accessory products,such as wheel center decorative cover,dust cover. We have three kinds of stretching process, spinning and casting,which enable us to develop and produce a lot of products with different shape, different size, different material.Our company continue to develop new products, now has several series car accessories products, such as aluminium decorative cover, plastic decorative cover, stainless steel decorative cover, trailer winch, trailer accessories etc. At present, the products are exported to Europe, United States, Australia and other markets. We also OEM Wheel Display Stand for automotive, trailer wheel rims.

A wheel display stand is a device used to showcase a wheel or tire in a retail setting. It typically consists of a base, which supports the wheel or tire, and an arm or bracket that holds the wheel or tire upright. The stand allows customers to view the wheel or tire from different angles, and it can be used to display the wheel or tire on its own or mounted on a vehicle. These stands are commonly used in tire and wheel shops, auto parts stores, and other retail environments where wheels and tires are sold. It is an effective way to display the product to the customer.

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