Home / New / The Stainless Steel Wheel Center Cap is a part used on the wheels of some RVs
Home / New / The Stainless Steel Wheel Center Cap is a part used on the wheels of some RVs

The Stainless Steel Wheel Center Cap is a part used on the wheels of some RVs

The Stainless Steel Wheel Center Cap is a part used on the wheels of some RVs, including some inTech models. This type of wheel center cap is designed to fit either standard or E-Z lube axles. When choosing a wheel center cap, be sure to match the part number to the one on the back of the vehicle. In some cases, you may be able to get away without replacing the entire wheel.
The Stainless Steel Wheel Center Cap has a removable end and fits on the center of most aluminum wheels. The open-ended design allows access to the grease points within the wheel and the hub without having to remove the entire trailer wheel. These wheels are also more secure when installed with the Stainless Steel Center Cap. The Stainless Steel Center Cap fits both standard and oversized wheels. It measures 3.19 inches in diameter and has a removable end.
There are several different styles of Stainless Steel Wheel Center Caps, which can be purchased as single caps or sets of multiple caps. Because each cap is made to fit a specific model of wheel, choosing the right one can help you create a personalized look for your vehicle. In addition to that, you can even customize your Wheel Center Cap with a custom-made design. You can even find wheel center caps with spacers to make it more customized for your needs.
If you're looking to improve the look of your trailer's wheels, consider upgrading to a stainless steel center cap. This relatively inexpensive accessory will improve the appearance of the rims and help improve the appearance of the trailer as well. Stainless steel center caps are available in black and chrome finishes.
Stainless Steel Center Caps fit rims with a center hole of 3.125" or less. This provides enough clearance to accommodate standard grease caps and lug nuts. The caps measure 3-1/4" deep and fit 13-, 14-, and 15-inch trailer wheels. They also feature movable centers to accommodate grease fittings.

Diameter 4.25", Height 4.12", stainless steel Open EZ Lube Cap 104EZSS-60C

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